Plenary Session

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Stitching Virtual and Physical for AV Sensors Design, Verification and Validation

The promise of zero crashes, added to the business potential of shared autonomous mobility, is fundamentally changing how auto industry approaches systems and vehicle engineering. Verification and validation (V&V) of the autonomous driving ...Read More

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Keynote session on Positive Trust Balance and cooperative perception

Watch On Demand First Keynote of the session: The Positive Trust Balance, a new engineering approach, with Dr. Phil Koopman, Edge Case Research Second keynote: Enabling cooperative perception and V2X-assisted sensor fusion, with Dr. Hongsheng Lu, Toyota Download ...Read More

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Driving the Evolution of LiDAR and Automotive Sensors with Silicone

Shin-Etsu Silicones is one of the global leaders in silicone manufacturing. In response to the growing sensor market, Shin-Etsu developed a new black encapsulant (AIR series) that blocks visible light and allows high ...Read More

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Emerging Role of Foundries in Bringing High Value Analog Products to Market

In spite of a temporary slowdown in the automotive market, the pace of innovation is expected to pick up as the long term trends that were evident before will only accelerate. One of ...Read More

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How to log your automotive measurement network the right way

With the rapid advancement in the automotive world more communication nodes are being added to the vehicle which makes it significant for test and validation engineers to log all the in-vehicle traffic reliably. ...Read More

Coffee Break

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M&A and Venture Investing in the AV and Sensor Industry

Rudy Burger will deliver an update on M&A and Venture Investing in the ADAS and AD Sectors. Understand the latest developments in the ADAS and AD ...Read More