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Hesai Technology is a global leader in LiDARs, a remote sensing method that uses light to precisely measure distance and create high-resolution 3D point clouds. Hesai's team has created a suite of innovative sensor solutions that combine three core strengths: industry-leading performance, manufacturability, and reliability. Hesai's portfolio of long, mid, and short-range LiDARs feature proprietary micro-mirror and waveform fingerprint technologies and lead the market in sensor innovation. In addition to creating a robust, 500+ patent portfolio, Hesai has become the top LiDAR supplier to robotaxi fleets worldwide. Hesai’s customer base spans 70 cities in 20 countries and regions. To date, Hesai has raised over $230M from Bosch, Lightspeed, Baidu and other global investors.

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What is an Automotive Grade LiDAR?

depth look at environmental, electrical and functional testing of lidars for the automotive market.  ...Read More

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Quan Vu

Director of Business Development, North America

Da Zheng

Business Development Manager

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