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Kalray is a fabless semiconductor company, pioneer in a new generation of processors for intelligent systems. MPPA® Intelligent processors are able to capture and analyze on the fly massive data flows, close to where they are generated, and interact in real time with the outside world. These processors can run demanding AI algorithms and simultaneously a wide set of different processing and control tasks. Kalray’s Intelligent Processors can be deployed in fast-growing sectors of Edge Computing and AI: Modern data centers, networks (5G), autonomous vehicles, healthcare, industry 4.0, drones, robots… Kalray’s offering includes processors, system boards and a software suite, for customers such as data storage systems and compute server manufacturers, intelligent system integrators, consumer product manufacturers such as car makers. Among Kalray investors: Alliance Venture (Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi), Safran, NXP Semiconductors, CEA, Bpifrance.

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